Emergency Preparedness

Even in an emergency, Florida Courts strive to remain open. Keeping the courts open is an attempt to ensure that no person is deprived access to the courts, even in the aftermath of an emergency.

Why is access to the courts after an emergency important? Because issues of personal safety, due process, and many other issues addressed everyday in the courts will still need to be addressed in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

The policy goals and other information presented on these web pages relate to the emergency preparedness efforts taken in the Florida State Courts. These efforts are an attempt to "keep the courts open", thereby ensuring access to the courts and justice for the people, even in the aftermath of an emergency.

Policy Goals

  1. We must deal with crises in a way that protects the health and safety of everyone inside our facilities.
  2. We must “keep the courts open” to ensure justice for the people.


Pandemic Preparedness


Preparedness and People with Disabilities

Materials and information related to preparedness and people with disabilities are provided below.


Emergency Preparedness Links


For more information on emergency preparedness efforts in the Florida State Courts, please contact Steven Hall.

Last Modified: February 20, 2024